Saturday, June 18, 2011


That does not neccesarily mean this is a good discovery. In fact, if pizza is the #1 worst thing in my life,  which it is, this is the 438th worst...I discovered that it is extremely difficult if not IMPOSSIBLE for me to post my slideshows in this blog.

(insert sad violin music here)

If you really want to see them, I'll post that one of them is ready (The Quiz is ready at the moment) and then I can email it to whoever wants to see it, assuming that person has PowerPoint Viewer 2007.

So if you would like to watch The Quiz (or other slideshows when they are ready) you can just tell me and I'll email it to you. You can dowload PowerPoint Viewer 2007 for free somewhere...


  1. Why can't you do a slideshow? I did one on my blog a couple of weeks ago. I used Photobucket and downloaded my pics there and then you can share them with your website. It took a little bit of trial and error to get the right pics but it seemed pretty straight forward. If I can be of any help, let me know, because I am now dying to see your slideshow, (and I'm not sure if I have Power Point.)

  2. I loved that you posted twice on my blog hop to make it look like I have more entrants! Thanks! For that, I will comment AGAIN on this post ☺. Your posts are very clever and witty, just like I knew they would be. I'm going to have Weston read them tomorrow, (he just got home late tonight from partying up at the cabin with his Grandma and pa.)

  3. And AGAIN! Ha, ha, ha!

    You need to add a header on the top of your blog that has the title because that is an amazingly smart one!

  4. Actually at first I thought name meant MY NAME, then I found out it didn't, it meant my BLOG'S name, so since I didn't know how to delete the first one.

    And I know I can make just a picture slideshow on here, but I wanted to import a PowerPoint slideshow that's all different and stuff, and I can't find how to do that.