Thursday, June 16, 2011


Here is the START of this wonderful new blog that will be SO COOL! I will write about writing without the boring, boring learning that you have to cram in your head about what to remember.
I won't put any "Always make your hero have green hair," or "Every chapter has to be exactly 13 pages long" or that kind of thing.
And it won't be just about writing! If I can find a way to make this blog thing work, it will include my slideshows that I'm making and more hate for pizza. (Or not...) Not saying I suddenly like pizza, but you probably don't want to hear me talk all day long about...
...said Trystan, trailing off. Oops, okay, anyway, this is the first...uh, thing I'm going to put in, and I'll see if I can make this blog thing do more. And, if I can, I can put pictures and stuff about what I'm doing...So this will have writing stuff, (very broad topic) possibly a few posts about the nasty, greasy, disgusting oozeball of vile, sickening abomination spit that can call itself a food, more commonly known as pizza, and my adventures. And my slideshows.


  1. I look forward to the ride! I'll put you on my blog roll so that you can get some more visits, hopefully. Come check out my blog hop tomorrow and you should get some visits. Put some ads on here and maybe you'll get some money, (that's what Weston likes,) and you could also add some fish to feed, (they're almost the same size as yours up there ☺ jk.)

  2. You better try chicken garlic pizza at Papa Murphy's and it may change your whole attitude about pizza.

  3. I will only once ever take a single bite of pizza...

    ...On my deathbed.

  4. It will revive you and pizza will become your favorite desert.

  5. Trystan
    Your blog is AWESOME, no joke! I'm looking forward to reading your posts.

    From the greatest, WESTON