Friday, June 24, 2011


Why won't my Pacman game work?


Today we are packing to go on our vacation! We will be starting the long drive tomorrow morning. We'll eventually get to Minnesota.

That show, America's Next Great Restaurant, is part of the reason!

This Soul Daddy restaurant won, and now it is an actual restaurant you can go to. Asher's favorite food: chicken legs. Mine: pancakes. THAT IS WHAT THEY SERVE THERE!! (Except waffles, not pancakes).

So we're going to go there, and to the Mall of America.

...Since my brain can't think right now, that's it...

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Prologue

Finally, the first post about writing. Here is the approximate prologue that you will see in my book when it's finished.

The mysterious figure stepped towards the abandoned, crooked house in the late night. Crickets whistled from far away, and a full moon shined overhead. The man slowly walked past a gnarled, dark tree that was leaning forward menacingly, and entered the empty house. He shimmered as if he wasn’t really there for a few seconds, then quietly stepped further inside. Dust clung to the splintered wooden walls and curtains lay tattered on the floor. The man looked down and noticed a shattered golden chandelier that had obviously fallen from the ceiling. Carefully, the man reached into his long, dark robe and pulled out a small sack. The red markings on his clothes glowed as he opened the bag and poured its contents, powdery brown dust, into his hand. He then put the small pouch back into his robe pocket and enclosed his fist around the dusty substance.

The man turned his fist over and released his grip, dropping the powder onto the floor. As soon as it hit, the dust began to glow a bright green color, then it shimmered and vibrated. The man felt the house shake gently, as if the aftershock of an earthquake just hit, but it emanated from the green powder. Suddenly, the dust exploded, and every single piece shot away from the pile to form a perfect ring. It was as if a bomb went off inside the powder, but all of it hit an invisible wall before it could go further. The man stooped down and examined the ring. The dust was still glowing a bright green.

            “Not enough,” the man said, and then reached into his robe once more. This time he produced a thick book with a gem embedded on the cover. He opened it up, revealing worn-out pages covered with text and notes. The entire book was filled with bookmarks, and the mysterious man turned to the page marked by a thick dark one.

            “I knew it,” the man said in a ghastly but quiet voice. He put the book back and took out a second pouch of the bizarre dust. This time, instead of pouring it into his hand first, he just turned the bag over and let all of the powder drop onto the floor, landing in a neat pile.

            Just like the first, the second pile exploded, sending a slight gust of wind outward from the inside. All of the dust flew back and landed in the ring formed by the first pile. The man bent down and examined the green ring. The cryptic red markings on his robe burned brighter the closer he got. He put his hand on his chin, considering the circle of green dust.

            “Yes,” he said quietly. “This should work.” He stood back up and stepped into the ring of glowing powder. The further in he went, the more intensely the dust shined. Finally, the man reached the center of the circle. The dust began to glow brighter and brighter at an unstoppable rate, then suddenly the entire ring of powder burst into green flames. The man remained calm from within the circle, as he was expecting this sudden alteration. The flames flickered and burned higher, as if the dust they came from was a constant, infinite supply of wood. The blaze did not give off any heat, even though it was slowly turning into a bonfire. The man lifted his arms into the air as four fiery balls appeared on the ring where the points of the compass would be.

            Suddenly, a beam shot out of each huge sphere, connecting above the man’s outstretched arms. The fire from the ring flickered higher, almost reaching the man’s chest. The entire house shook slightly, and then began to quake more and more until it almost felt like a violent earthquake. The point where the beams intersected began to form a fifth shining ball, made almost entirely out of green fire. Black spots appeared on the sphere, and smaller dark purple beams occasionally sparked out. The fire burned even higher, reaching the man’s chin. He remained confident inside the ring and kept his arms high above his head. The red symbols on his cloak blazed brightly.

            Every burning ball began to glow even brighter than before. Green flames flickered around all of them, and from the center of the ring, an inky black spot appeared on the floor. It stretched out, making the entire interior of the ring a dark purple color. Boards began to snap as the abandoned home shook even more vigorously. It felt as if two giants were throwing the house back and forth in an eternal game of catch. From outside the ring, miniature tornadoes formed, spiraling faster and faster as the entire room began to glow. The inky interior of the ring spread out, changing the floor of the entire room to a dark color. The five spheres began to spin violently, throwing bits of fire everywhere. It could hardly be seen, however, because the entire room was enveloped in a bright green glow so intense it appeared to be an emerald cloud.

            From within the ring, the man still stood with his arms above his head. The entire spell had made his head hurt, and he was quivering slightly, but he gritted his teeth and let the dust work its magic. The flames had long since enveloped him completely, and the green power still surged all around him. More windows shattered and dusty furniture fell as the house shook incredibly. The movement came from within the ring, so the quaking was most intensely concentrated there. The man almost stumbled and fell, but he kept his balance.

            Just then, everything stopped. The fire immediately extinguished, the shaking halted, and the burning orbs disappeared. The glowing faded and the miniature tornadoes vanished. Everything was still once again. Suddenly, a solid black line appeared in midair, as if the air itself wanted to be seen. The line began to grow upward, forming a dark square. It now looked like there was a hole in the air, a rip in reality. The square slowly began to increase in size. It grew to the size of a door, then began to seep dark energy. Black lightning about two inches long occasionally zapped out. Looking deep inside the dark hole, the man could see nothing but blackness, as if the void was a portal to somewhere deep in space.

            “This is good,” the man said, then laughed. The red patterns on his cloak lit up again as something emerged from the black rip.

SPOILER!!!The dude in the prologue is the villain of the story.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


That does not neccesarily mean this is a good discovery. In fact, if pizza is the #1 worst thing in my life,  which it is, this is the 438th worst...I discovered that it is extremely difficult if not IMPOSSIBLE for me to post my slideshows in this blog.

(insert sad violin music here)

If you really want to see them, I'll post that one of them is ready (The Quiz is ready at the moment) and then I can email it to whoever wants to see it, assuming that person has PowerPoint Viewer 2007.

So if you would like to watch The Quiz (or other slideshows when they are ready) you can just tell me and I'll email it to you. You can dowload PowerPoint Viewer 2007 for free somewhere...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Really Quick

This is what I wanted my picture to be instead of me holding the fish.
Isn't it awesome?


This is what has been going on.

I bought a pack of 25 balloons at the Dollar Store and discovered that if you fill them up with water, they become these awesome bouncy balloon things. (Epic on the tramp). Tarlan, Asher, and I dubbed them Blubber Nuggets, because they truly look like a big blob of fat.

...Well they're a lot cooler than I just made them sound...

I went to the doctor today for the 12-year check-up thing. The one lady gave me these three shots all in the same spot in my innocent arm, and it was stinging all day long. She said I should do active stuff with my arm, so that the medicine would work or whatever. When I came home, I played basketball with my mom and Asher. I was doing good until I got in this "funk" and started being a big failure.

I was missing every shot and my mom said this...joke... "Since you got 3 shots in your arm you should have better shots in your arm!" Then I tried to get out of the funk. I tried to make 3 baskets in a row, but I kept missing. Whenever I got to two, I would throw the ball, then it would spin around the rim and fall off. :(

Finally, my mom left to check on Tarlan and I immediately made three shots in a row.

So then I came inside and started working on my blog.
Work on my slideshow has been halted temporarily.
I still hate pizza.
I'm still writing.
And I still hate pizza.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Here is the START of this wonderful new blog that will be SO COOL! I will write about writing without the boring, boring learning that you have to cram in your head about what to remember.
I won't put any "Always make your hero have green hair," or "Every chapter has to be exactly 13 pages long" or that kind of thing.
And it won't be just about writing! If I can find a way to make this blog thing work, it will include my slideshows that I'm making and more hate for pizza. (Or not...) Not saying I suddenly like pizza, but you probably don't want to hear me talk all day long about...
...said Trystan, trailing off. Oops, okay, anyway, this is the first...uh, thing I'm going to put in, and I'll see if I can make this blog thing do more. And, if I can, I can put pictures and stuff about what I'm doing...So this will have writing stuff, (very broad topic) possibly a few posts about the nasty, greasy, disgusting oozeball of vile, sickening abomination spit that can call itself a food, more commonly known as pizza, and my adventures. And my slideshows.